Aiden and Rachel | Fall Engagement Session | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

I never knew a bag of cheetos could be so romantic. But more on that later.

I got to know Rachel while I was shooting her sister Katelyn’s wedding. Rachel was the maid of honor and we totally hit it off, chatting the whole day, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be the photographer for her and Aiden’s special day. The Isaacson family was so easy and so fun to work with the first time, I feel spoiled that I get to work with them a second time!

I didn’t know Aiden as well, but my heart melted as I asked them more about their love story and he shared the most tender experience. He said that one of the ways he knew Rachel was “the one” was that he never got sick of spending time with her, and that he enjoyed doing even the simplest things with her. One time when they were grocery shopping together, Rachel found a huge bag of cheetos and she got so excited about it and wanted to show it to him, and he thought to himself, “I could go grocery shopping with her for the rest of my life.” It’s the little moments, folks. <3

Aiden and Rachel both told me they’ve been friends ever since Aiden moved into Rachel’s high school, but they never really dated until after Aiden came home from his LDS mission a few years later. I can totally relate to the being best friends first and falling for each other later. If you remember from my posts about my own love story, that’s how my husband Chuck and I wound up together. If you want to see pictures of the strapping young lad I first fell in love with, you can revisit that post here. Parts 2 and 3 show how painfully long it took us to admit we were more than friends. I think Rachel, Aiden, Chuck, and I can all attest to the fact that it can be scary to take that leap from friends to something more, but its so, so worth it.