Skyler and Shayla | Fall Engagement session | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

Shayla found me because I did wedding photography for her friend Lauren, who ive always said is like a ray of sunshine. Well your vibe attracts your tribe, because Shayla is just as happy and sweet as Lauren! She told me she wanted her engagement photos to show how happy they are to be getting married and I think we suceeded!

Skyler and Shayla met in their YSA ward while attending Utah State. Skyler says he was drawn to her because of how filled with light she was, which is something I noticed about her pretty quickly as well. They became True Aggies and started dating shortly after that. They broke up because Shayla was always still on Skylers mind so after a few months apart, he reached out to her and they reconnected. It wasnt long after that they starting thinking that this might be ‘the one’ and Skyler proposed under a gazebo strung with lights and pictures of them.