Photography for those who want to remember what it felt like, not just what it looked like.

Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Logan, Utah and available for travel world wide.

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I decided to study photography because I was at a point in my life where I was dreaming about one day having babies with the golden haired boy who had just asked me to be his wife. I loved the idea of getting to be an artist and “getting to work from home” with my future children. Fastforward 10 years- Running a photography business isnt quite that simple, but Ive fallen pretty deeply in love with what I get to do for a living. People allow me a glimpse of their most important moments that would have other wise passed them by, and I get to take a photo and capture that moment for them forever. I got into photography because of what it could do for me and my family, but I stay in photography because of what it can do for you and yours.


So what can I do for you?


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