My Love Story - Part 1

I am a succor for love.

There, I said it.

I find it truly fascinating that out of the billions of people on this earth, we somehow manage to find someone who we can build a life and a partnership with. Someone we can love and adore and admire and know that they aren't perfect but know that they are perfect for us anyways. And that they feel the same way about you? Amazing.

As a wedding photographer, I get to hear so many love stories! Some genuinely pull at my heart strings and make me saw "aw!", some make me laugh, and all of them put a smile on my face! 

My clients are always sharing their love stories with me, so now its my turn to share. 


So here he is guys.


The golden haired boy who turned into the man I choose everyday above all else. 

My Charles Edward. 

We both attended Logan High School. He was a grade ahead of me, but we never had any classes together and we never officially met while in school. Yet somehow, when he pulled up to our friends house that day, the summer after I graduated high school, I knew his name was Chuck. I recognized that he was a grade older than me and we went to the same school, but that was all I knew about him. 

I still remember him pulling up to our friends house in his white ford taurus, which is not a nice car, but he totally owned it, with his golden blonde shaggy locks swooped to the side, tooth pick in his mouth, blue and white pin stripped button up shirt, and elbow hanging out the window. I can still see it vividly in my mind, and even at the time, it struck me as odd that this scene of a boy I didn't even know was so memorable to me.

Our mutual friend Sam had invited us over to his house. We had no real plans, but that was pretty typical. When I got there, Sam said he had been invited to a party in North Logan and that he had invited a few other friends to come. We waited outside for the other friends, Chuck and Jorge. Sam hopped in my car and Chuck rode with Jorge. We arrived at a party where we knew no one except Sam, and Sam knew everyone. That night, Chuck, Jorge and I just sat around, barely even talking to each other. We watched 'The Messengers' that night, which is a true tragedy, because it was the first movie we watched together, The Messengers will always be memorable to us, and its a terrible movie.

When it was time to leave, Sam stayed at the party, and Chuck, Jorge and I left. They were driving down the road in the car in front of me when they suddenly stopped and Chuck got out of the car. He came to my window and told me Jorge had another party he wanted to go to and wondered if I could drive him back to his car at Sams house. I told him yes, but I wanted to stop and get food first. He thought I was asking him on a date. I wasnt.

He thought we would go somewhere nice. We didnt. I pulled up to Arbys.

He thought we would go inside. We didnt. I went through the drive thru.

He thought we would go sit in the car and eat while we talked. We didnt. I pulled up next to his car and waited for him to get out. I didnt even put my car in park.

Lucky for me, I got another chance to spend time with him the following week when my best friend decided to have a dance party for her birthday and invited Sam, and told him to invite anyone he wanted. He invited Chuck, but ill save that night for another post. Check back!