My Love Story - Part 3

This is my favorite part.

Charles finally shows up to my house, the ex girlfriend no where to be seen. My other friends all were leaving as he arrived and I crossed my fingers he wouldn't take the que and leave as well. My teenage sister Missy came downstairs, and because she loved Chuck, she followed us over to the trampoline where we all sat and talked for a while. Secretly I was hoping and praying my sister would leave so I could have THE TALK with Chuck. She WAY over stayed her welcome and when Chuck went inside to use the restroom, I BEGGED her to leave.  When it was finally just the two of us, we laid on the trampoline and looked at the stars, chit chatting a little, but mostly in silence until he finally said "Kris, what are we doing?" I replied "Uh... laying on the trampoline" (Ive always had a way with words). He replies "No... really what are we doing? You know what I mean" I had no words so I just sat up and scooched myself over to him and snuggled in tightly between his arm and torso with my head on his chest. After a few minutes of wonderful and agonizing butterflies, he gently raised my chin and kissed me. It was a sweet, soft, short kiss and it was everything to me.

After that night, we were inseparable. Being in love with your best friend is heaven.

I was the first to say I love you, and he literally tried to push me out of the car when he said it back.

We dated just over a year before he asked me to be his wife. We certainly faced challenges getting married young, but we also have had so many adventures, trials, successes, heartache and weve been there for each other for all of it.

Today makes 9 years of marriage, and while I cant say its been picture perfect, I wouldn't change any of it. He is still my best friend. He still gives me butterflies. The man I celebrate 9 years of marriage with today is not the same boy I married, he has grown and changed and conquered so much and I adore and love him from the bottom of my heart.

We choose to be purposeful about the life we are building together. We make choices together and give each other room to grow as individuals. I respect and support him and he does the same for me. I choose him  every single day above all else and he chooses me and that makes all the difference. He is my choice.

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