Robbie & Courntey Wedding Day | Salt Lake LDS Temple Wedding | Joseph Smith Memorial Building Wedding | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

Who wouldn’t love to go back and relive their wedding day? I know some people want to and some people don’t. There are definitely parts of the wedding planning and leading up to it that might not be the most fun! However, getting to say yes to that person again, to wear the beautiful dress, to have people bring you gifts, and want to celebrate you, your spouse, and your love.. sounds pretty good to me! And who wouldn’t want a new blender or toaster every so often, right?

Robbie and Courtney’s wedding day got to last longer than some! They started the festivities off with an open house in Lindon the night before their wedding day. It was a beautiful location, decorated with touches of lights, candles, and tulle, giving everything a warm, romantic glow and feel. There was a definite contrast between their beautiful gold, glowing, reception, and their Star Wars themed groom’s cake. It was such a unique feature of their reception. The outside was very dark and galaxy-like, with little Han Solo, and Princess Laya figures at the top. If you’ve never seen the movie, there is a part where Laya finally confesses to Han that she loves him. He simply responds with, “I know”. Robbie loves that movie, so it was fun to see a part of the groom in the wedding details as well.

The next day they were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. While taking pictures, it started to rain. Luckily Courtney was prepared and had brought the cutest Kate Spade umbrella! She loves Kate Spade and it added a fun prop for them to use and save themselves from soaking. I even posted the photo on instagram and tagged the Kate Spade brand and they responded by asking if they could post the photo online! Once we had photographed a few more photos of just the two of them as husband and wife, everyone headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the wedding luncheon. After that, they had a unique and fun elevator exit, and went off honeymooning! Several weeks later they finished off their celebrating with a reception in Layton. So they got to celebrate their marriage multiple times! I’m quite positive these two will never really stop celebrating.