Parker & Courtney Winter Engagements | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Parker and Courtney are so fun! They are so comfortable with each other, even in front of the camera! I love when couples feel like they can be themselves with me - that’s why I love getting to know and become friends with my clients. It is so fun to see your true side. Courtney told me that her and Parker love to be goofy and fun, so we took advantage of that in their shoot. I love seeing kindred spirits find each other, and these two found their perfect match! Originally, the only connection they had was that Parker saw her in his church’s magazine. He thought she was beautiful, but of course, she was one in a million people who he would probably never meet. Little did he know, but they would get their chance to meet eventually. They both were assigned to the same mission, across the world, in Denmark. They ended up serving as missionaries in a similar area, and met at a meeting. The sparks flew, and they ended up dating when they returned home. After 9 months of ups and downs, one thing was sure: they loved each other, and cared for one another, so they have decided to make it official!

We took their engagement photos in Logan, up Logan Canyon. It was clear that they were excited to shoot, and made their engagement shoot so unique. Another fun thing about photography - you can make it your own, but I’m always here to help you pose if you need it. Some people have an easy time getting their picture taken, but some need a little bit of coaxing, and I’m here for both kinds of people! Even a mix of both it acceptable as well. They were naturals in front of the camera, so all I had to do was sit there and shoot. With all the personality they brought, it was easy. I loved the little glimpses into their personalities, and the sweet touches they brought with them - like the blanket we shot with. It was their “adventure blanket” so of course we had to incorporate it! And of course it just added to the sentiment.

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