Garrett & Grace Formals | Logan LDS Temple | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Love is a funny thing. It can be used lightly to say that you love ice cream, or it can be used very seriously when you say you love your family, or you love your spouse. That type of love usually trumps the ice cream love, but when someone you love brings you ice cream? Now that’s a whole new level. Love can never be planned, or forced, and the timing is always uncertain. But when you do learn to love someone, or realize how much you love someone, you can’t ignore it or push it off.

When Grace and Garrett fell in love, they decided that love wasn’t something they wanted to wait on. Originally Grace had plans to serve an LDS mission for 18 months, but Garrett convinced her that there was a mission right here for her: to be his wife. They met while on a frisbee team, AND they matched on mutual. Seems like someone wanted to get these two together! Even though there is a 6 year age difference between them, they are so similar in their hobbies, goals, and their aspirations. From playing sports, to wanting to graduate from BYU-Idaho, they are on the same path, and now they get to take that journey together! One of their biggest goals is to be parents, and Garrett says that knowing she will be such a loving mother to their children is one of the things he admires most about her. I don’t think he would have ever let Grace leave his embrace and go on a mission - and now he never has to. :) Even though she is from Idaho and he is from Arizona, they both love the Logan temple, so that’s where they chose to get married and that’s where we started our shoot! Then we headed up Green Canyon. It was perfect weather and a perfect couple.