Ryan & Stephanie Formals | Antelope Island Wedding Formals | Layton Utah Wedding Photographer

If you have had dreams for you photos, no matter what they are, we can make them true together! Even if I have an irrational fear of your dream, I will always say yes to making my clients wishes come true. Stephanie has always had a dream of getting her wedding photos taken with her horse, She loves horses, especially Sampson. I always love people bringing in things that are special to them, and even though I am terrified of horses I said yes and kept a safe distance. ;) Plus, Steph is a full-time nurse in the emergency department at University of Utah hospital so she deserves to have everything she wants. She works for it!

We shot Ryan and Stephanie’s formals at Antelope Island and it was absolutely perfect. The stark contrast of the neutrals in the background made them really pop! Especially with Ryan’s bright blue suit. But his suit wasn’t nearly as bright as their smiles. The day was also a bit overcast, which gave us some beautiful, dramatic lighting. Then the sun came through and added a glowing, dreamy feel to the shoot. This couple is another that I have loved getting to know and watching them grow in love, getting more and more excited for the day they can be together. Anyone who sees them together can’t help but be excited for them! They told me many ways that they are similar, but they also have many ways in which they complete one another through different skills and abilities — things they are good at that the other can benefit from. That’s one of the beauties of marriage— finding someone who has strengths where you have weaknesses, and are weak where you are strong, giving you the opportunity to learn from and grow with each other. I think these two are going to be doing lots of learning and growing, and smiling and holding each other all the way through.

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