Eric + Claire Wedding Formals | Payson LDS Temple | Saltaire Wedding Formals | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

One of the challenges of being a photographer in Utah is learning to work with, and work around the crazy weather changes. One minute, it can be sunny and beautiful, the next minute it can start pouring rain and if you’re lucky, even start snowing! :) You have to find ways to make freezing cold snow, seem warm, cozy and romantic, and make sweaty and bright seem glowing and joyful.

When we were planning to do Eric and Claire’s formals, we were trying to work around the weather. It had been bad weather for a while the weekend we were planning to shoot, and had to adjust our plans several times. We started their session at the Payson LDS Temple. We were still concerned about what the weather might do, but by the time I arrived, it was beautiful! Eric was so happy to see Claire, as you can see in the first shot. I love those genuine smiles that make your nose wrinkle, and your cheeks hurt! One of Claire’s favorite things about Eric is how freely he gives of himself to others, especially to her! She says he is always just trying to love her more, and better. With the calm weather we were able to get up close and see those sweet smiles, and see the love in both their faces. After finishing up at the temple, we headed off to our second location - Saltaire. It was good timing because right as we headed there, it started to rain. Welcome to Utah! When we arrived at Saltaire it was incredibly windy, but we decided to work with the weather. Wind can be tricky - hair in the face, clothes flying around, etc. However, the way it picked up and played with her dress made for some very elegant, yet dramatic shots! We loved it! So whether wind or clam, rain or shine — I will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Contact me HERE to schedule your own shoot!