Shaun & Paige | Antelope Island Engagement Session | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Paige is one of my sister’s good friends. I’ve known her for years and I think the world of her! I was so excited she asked me to be her and Shaun’s wedding photographer. They are such a sweet couple. You can tell their relationship is very precious to them. When you find something that becomes special to you, or precious to you, how do you treat it? You hold it extra carefully, you make sure that it is protected, loved, and cared for. You try to keep it away from and out of the elements — you treat it like you want it to last forever. That is how Shaun and Paige treat each other. It was so special to do their photos out at Antelope Island. It was so special, romantic, and beautiful with the sun shining as our background. I cannot wait to shoot the rest of their photos!

They first met at their local singles ward’s family home evening night - a little weekly get together that church groups do together for those who go away to college and don’t have family around all the time. She had moved in a month before, but that particular night she really felt like she needed to go to the activity and put herself out there! Well it’s a good thing she didn’t ignore that feeling! They met and started dating. Through ups and downs, they have been there for each other. Knowing that they can make it through the difficulties they’ve already gone through together has showed them that they can do hard things with the other one by their side. They love to do things together and have many hobbies and goals, but when it comes down to it one of their biggest goals is to be good parents. That is an adventure all on it’s own, but I think these two will be ready for the challenge and will make a beautiful story together.

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