Ask Kristi - Whats your favorite session to shoot?

I get asked lots of questions regarding all things weddings and photography - so I figured I would start a series of blog posts answering some of the questions I get asked the most. So for blog post number one ill answer this question: Whats is your favorite session to shoot?

Thats easy for me. Its the wedding formal session.

There is about a million reasons I love formal sessions, but ill just share 2 with you today.

Its the first time you get to see your fiance as a bride or groom. There is something so exciting and nerve wracking about that. Its so interesting to see how people handle this moment differently. Some people are all nerves and sentiment and they cry, while others are just excited out of their minds and literally run or jump for joy, or my personal favorite, some people just feel so much security and reassurance during this moment. Its pure calm as they just soak in the new roles they are about to play in each others lives.

And of course, all those pretty bridal details. I absolutely adore my brides and getting to see their bridal style is so exciting for me! Ive spent months getting to know these ladies, and then getting to see all of the choices they made about dresses, shoes, jewelry, shoes, ect is so fun. Its all in the details. I love getting to see how they envisioned themselves as a bride.

Disclaimer -I chose to share images the 6 most recently brides ive worked with. I dont want any of my brides to think I didnt LOVE their bridal style enough to share and left them out on purpose.