Ryan & Stephanie Engagement Session | Green Canyon Engagement Session | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Relationships are so wonderful and beautiful, and are also hard work! But when you find that person, your person, the work seems much less difficult. That person who makes you smile every time you see their name show up on your phone, who laughs with you at all your little quirks, and who loves you even if you ugly cry in a Nicholas Sparks movie. Being able to be yourself is something so refreshing. Everyone deserves to have that experience! Love let’s you always be yourself — it requires it! Ryan and Stephanie have that kind of love! They are open and honest, and Stephanie says it’s been that way since the beginning. Ryan didn’t want to play any games, or mince words. He says what he feels and it made it so she could be the same. You can tell they feel so at home with one another, and have definitely found their person. It probably helps that they have many little things in common! They were so comfortable with one another that one day while talking on the phone Stephanie just naturally said “I Love You” first, without even realizing what she had done. Luckily Ryan felt the same way, and was able to sneak in saying it back before she hung up after realizing what she had done. They are two pieces of a puzzle that just fit together perfectly and can’t imagine being separated from one another. :)

We shot these engagement photos up Green Canyon in Logan, on what seemed like a “clear” winter day. Then a spontaneous snow storm started, and they just embraced the fun of it. We grabbed a blanket, they wrapped themselves up in it, and I think the photos turned out so elegant! A few words Stephanie used to describe them both were sentimental and romantic, and their engagement shoot was no different. Even though the snow was cold, they warmed one another up and kept their fire going! It’s easy to get nervous about having your photo taken, especially if it’s for something you’ll keep for the rest of your life! Letting someone take those photos involves trust, and I love when couples trust me enough to let me capture these lifelong memories. Ryan and Stephanie’s photos turned out absolutely beautiful, but not because of me, because of them. If you have your person, and you need someone to capture your love, trust me, I will do my very best to help you see your very best.