All the deets - Frequently Asked Questions


-When we will get our images back?

I give every image the time and care it needs and never rush through this processes, but with years of experience photographing weddings, I have become  efficient in processing images, like woah! Im thrilled to be able to offer an incredibly fast turn around time of under 1 week for your engagement and formal sessions, and 2-3 weeks for your wedding day images!

-How many images are delivered?

Unlike some other wedding photographers, I don’t limit how many images you will receive. I deliver every image that is worthy of being seen. I will take PLENTY of photos, but part of my job is to curate what you receive. You wont get the 15 photos I take all in a row of you cutting your cake slow motion style. But you will receive every image that I think you will LOVE and that will tell the story story of your day. Engagement and Formal sessions average 75-100 images and 50-75 images per hour of shooting time on the wedding day.

-What is the payment schedule like?

To officially book your wedding date I require a $150 non-refundable retainer. $350 will be due at the time of your engagement and formal shoots, and the remaining balance is due 1 week before the wedding day. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, paypal or venmo. Do you have a product or service that you offer? Let me know, I might be interested in a full or partial trade!

-Post Processing-

All images will have basic post processing done with our signature editing style. This includes basic color and exposure corrections. I don’t believe in editing your photos to the point of being unrecognizable. I think you should remember your wedding day EXACTLY the way it was. Of course I will be happy to edit away a pimple or two that popped up unexpectedly, but extensive cosmetic touch ups are not included, and honestly, aren’t usually necessary because you will be GLOWING!

-Digital Delivery-

After I have processed your images, I will deliver high resolution digital files to you via an emailed link to your online gallery where you can download your images! My clients prefer the digital delivery over waiting for a cd or thumb drive to be delivered. You don't have to worry about loosing or damaging a cd, or forgetting to take the thumb drive to your moms house to show her the photos! You can share your link with whoever you want! 

-Shooting Style-

My work has been described as being a joyful and intimate spin on fine art wedding photography. Sometimes fine art photography can feel a little stiff, so I like to make sure my photos have personality! Specifically, your personality. My prompts and the way I run my shoots are centered around the hope that I can capture something organic and true to you, and that one day your kids will look at the photos I take for you and say “he still looks at her that way”. Ill send you my posing crash course to teach you what we are going to be doing, and take time to get to know you as a couple so I can really capture YOU.  And on the wedding day I will take charge and direct when I need to, and at other times throughout your day ill stay out of the way and simply capture things as they unfold!

What this all means is that we will both have some work to do at your shoot. You’ll need to let your inhibitions go and get out of your head to allow your love to show through. My job, of course is to help you feel comfortable enough to do that and to give you guidance as we go. I provide basic instructions and prompts, so it’s not all on your shoulders, but you’ll need to be ready to love on your person and let yourself be seen. 


-How does working with you differ from working with other photographers-  

I’ve noticed other photographers will either provide little to no instruction, so it’s all on you to get comfy and create something worth lookin at, or they take over too much and don’t allow space for you to really be you. I’m all about that perfect balance. I want to create opportunities for you to have a moment, I don’t want to create moments for you. That does look or feel organic or true to you. And photos are just as much about what they fee like as what they look like.  

Ive been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years, so I know a thing or two and I’ve seen a thing or two. I’m all about efficiency and having a good time. I’ve got you taken care of boo. Pinky promise.  

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