Austin + Kami Engagement Session | Cache Valley Wedding Photographer

I love connections. Connections that my couples have before they met, connections with clients because of previous people I’ve worked with, even the little connections I personally have with clients! I love getting to hear how they found me, and start getting to know them with that. With Kami and Austin, we found out that Kami’s dad owns the company that just built our town home! Small world, right? It was so fun to have that little connection with each other when they booked me. When meeting new people, it can make things much more comfortable if you can establish some little connection. Whether it’s a mutual friend you both have, something you share in common, mutual desires for life, etc. My dad always got along with people well because he was always making them feel comfortable — It’s something I’ve been striving for in my life and in my work as a way to remember him. Austin says Kami is the same way. She’s always wanting to make people feel loved and accepted. Even though their first date was a little awkward, Kami and Austin made little connections, made each other feel comfortable and were able to have a good conversation, which helped them both give it a second chance. Kami said one of the ways she knew Austin was the one was from the way he made her feel comfortable, loved, and safe, and now they can’t get enough of each other! Good things come from those little connections. :)

Austin said that before meeting Kami, all his passion was spent on Oklahoma football, but I’m sure their fan base is suffering now because you can see that he has given his heart and soul to her. He is even transferring to Utah State, where Kami is currently attending, for school after they are married. They love to be together, which made me love to be with them too! Their joy and excitement to have found each other is contagious! Originally the plan was to take their photos on the day I got back from vacation to Disneyland, but due to weather in Utah my flight was delayed over 6 times. Obviously a little frustrating, but they were happy to reschedule for a romantic sunrise shoot the next morning. It was so serene, and such a perfect start to the morning. We took pictures in Kami’s hometown of Hyrum, Utah in a few of the beautiful snow covered fields just outside of Blacksmith Fork Canyon.