Eric & Claire Engagements | Antelope Island Engagement Session | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

This is Eric & Claire and they are so sweet, and oh so in love. :) They met in a college statistics class, down in Utah County. Eric had just finished his LDS mission to Mexico, but Claire thought he seemed a little young, so she decided to avoid him through class most of that semester. Fate must have had a role in changing her mind though because they ended up in another class together, the next semester. So funny how things happen that way! I love seeing all the little connections that my couples have prior to getting together. She says he is very patient, and his patience paid off! In that second class they both started trying to sit next to each other, and finally got to!…in the worst seats in the class. :) But these two didn’t mind. They can be anywhere together and love it! Whether it’s in class, watching movies, cooking together, or just sitting on the couch getting things done, they love being with one another. Even though they say they are very different people, they have so much chemistry and love that is so evident in their photos and the way that they interacted.

This Antelope Island sunset engagement shoot was the perfect scene to capture their sweet personalities, and how much they love each other. It was so beautiful that day, and the way they acted together made for a very successful session. :) As always, I give my clients some posing tips and tricks that they can go over beforehand to rid any nerves, and will give some direction during the shoot as well, but I didn’t have to tell these two to do much. They took each different pose and added their own little twist to it that really helped me see their relationship. Eric proposed in a simple way that still was so meaningful to Claire and that just describes them and their photos perfectly. Simple, yet so full of sentiment. It was a perfect evening, and I can’t wait to keep working with them!