Flash 101 Guide now available for purchase!

YOU GUYS! I am so excited to release my flash guide! Learning and becoming comfortable with flash photography totally changed the game for me. It elevated my portfolio and gave me confidence in situations that previously would have made my heart sink. Walking into one of the more gorgeous receptions i’ve ever seen in a huge, poorly lit room, and feeling totally confident that I could light the space and do it justice, was an AMAZING feeling. GAME CHANGER.

In my 20 page guide, I go over the basics of flash - the equipment you need and how to use it, plus 6 pages of examples of different looks and how to achieve them with flash!

So here are the details! If you want the guide, and I know you do, email me at kristi@kristialysephoto.com and tell me you want it! Ill send you details on how to pay, and once its paid, ill send the PDF right over!

And here is the best part - because learning flash was such a game changer for me, I want all of my photographer friends to be able to learn flash! I want it to be accessible and affordable, so i’m selling this guide for the unbelievable price of $25. Something that can transform your photography for $25?! Well it gets even better. For the next week ill be offering early bird pricing of just $20.

Y’all. It is SO WORTH the $20! You can email me at kristi@kristialysephoto.com to let me know you want it, or even just click HERE to use my website contact form and let me know you want the guide!

My goal with the guide is to teach you the PRINCIPALS of flash photography so that you can find your own signature flash look. This means that we start with the basics, learning what eqipment you will need, how to use it, and how to achieve different looks! So its the perfect guide for someone starting out brand new with flash, or for someone just looking to up their game and learn a few new techniques !

I’m so excited to be releasing it NOW, at the beginning of winter time, because if you are anything like me, you use the fact that winter is slow season to your advantage! I always try to beef back up on my education during the winter - refining my skills, adding new skills, ect. Its the perfect time because there are fewer weddings, so it gives me time to learn and time to PRACTICE what i’m learning!

Seriously guys, if you are even thinking that the guide MIGHT be for you, it is! Pinky promise! Learning flash has given me more confidence in taking on higher end weddings and I am able to capture my clients weddings in a way that does justice to the months of planning and preparation they put into this day! email me at kristi@kristialysephoto.com for payment options and to get yours today!

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