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A few years ago I had the honor to be featured as a wedding photographer by the stationery company Basic Invite. They let me choose any wedding to feature on their blog and I didn’t hesitate to chose Corey and Julianne’s. You can visit the Basic Invite blog post here. I have had clients use them to order customized invites for holidays, weddings, baby showers, etc… I still refer my clients to Basic Invite all this time later, and I think they do great work!

Working with the Cooper family again was an absolute treat. I shot their wedding almost two years ago in Cottonwood Heights, UT at Market Street Grill and it was a total delight. I still remember Julianne’s toast where she spoke about how she used to think “woe is me” when she had bad days, but, “Woe will never be me” now that she had Corey at her side. It was such a sweet sentiment, she definitely had me in tears. And her fist-bumping her dad at the end of the aisle is still among my favorite wedding day photo captures. I remember she brought me thank you notes, chocolates, and was always just so genuinely kind. I sincerely hope Julianne has more photography needs in the future, because I would be there in a heartbeat.

This time around, I got to meet their adorable 6 month old daughter Sophie, who was the cutest dang thing with the most beautiful eyes! I know, I know. I thought a baby was cute, how unique. But I was seriously super impressed with how engaged and interactive she was! I have two kids and about a million nieces and nephews and I swear most 6 month olds aren’t like that. But she was an absolute doll, and may or may not have made me a little bit baby hungry ;)

Just like before, Corey and Julianne were so easy and fun to work with. The love they share as a family is evident in these photos, and I hope they can cherish them for years to come.