Corey and Julianne Wedding Day | Utah Wedding Photographer

This is Corey and Julianne. I felt so blessed to get to be their wedding photographer. Julianne was absolutely the sweetest bride I've ever worked with, and thats saying something because I always get the best brides. She was always so kind and poised and even brought me a thank you note and chocolate to the engagement session! Hint: Chocolate is the way to my heart! Over the course of our time working together I received three thank you notes from her and so many sweet words about how much they loved their photos. Being a wedding photographer here in Utah I usually only get to work with my couple for 3 months on average, but Cory and Julianne booked me almost a full year in advance so I was so excited when their wedding day finally arrived!

They were married on a beautiful and windy day at the Market Street Grill in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.  Julianne and her dad decided that they would do a fist bump when he walked her to the end of the isle instead of a kiss. I loved it! Later in the evening when they did their toasts and speeches, Julianne had me in tears! She spoke about how when she would have a bad day she would think "woe as me" but now with Cory by her side "Woe will never be me". It was a  beautiful sentiment and a beautiful moment and it definitely had me in tears.