Kristi Alyse

Hi guys! I feel like all of my posts on the blog are all about my clients and our shots. Which is GREAT and the way it should be! You guys are the ones who make this company what it is! BUT! I haven't introduced myself on here in a while and with all of the changes we've been making I feel like its time to say hi and tell you guys what we are all about!

First off - Im Kristi Alyse. If you thought it was pronounced as E-lyse you were wrong (but don't worry, almost every pronounces it that way). Its 'Uh-lyse'. Now you know :)


I am a wife of 7 years, a mom to two amazing boys, and a wedding and portrait photographer! I used to work in management and as a medical assistant at a dermatology office here in Cache Valley. I worked there for 8 years! But in December 2016 I knew it was time to dedicate my professional efforts fully to my photography business. And even though its only been a few short months since then, things have been going AMAZING! The clients I've been working with have been so sweet! Ive always been so blessed to have the most amazing clients! Which is why I have been putting a lot of working into finding ways to give back to you guys! I have LOADED my wedding packages with so much goodness for this year!

My clients have spoiled me with being awesome to work with, with the best gifts and the sweetest notes, so now its my turn to soil them back! Ive found away to give you guys amazing photos and provide an EXPERIENCE. My goals this year include being your easiest wedding vendor to work with and to take you out of the stress of planning a wedding and just have FUN at your photo shoots and make sure you feel prepared and ready! Ive put together clothing tips and instructions on how to prep for your shoots! And as my wedding gift to you ill provide make up application with my makeup artist free of charge, along with tons of other discounts on essential wedding vendors!

I can't wait to get to know you and hear all about your love story and check out your ring!