Two Shannons and a Jessica | Logan Utah Styled Shoot

Where do I even start with telling you about this shoot? So many wonderful humans that I love were involved in this session.

 First things first, the wonderful and talented Jessica Ajeman of Jessica Ajeman Photographry contacted me saying that she loved my work and wanted to come do a mentor session with me. If you know me you know I LOVE teaching, especially photography. So of course I said yes. The beautiful thing about this - is that I was struggling with finding my 'why' for photography at the time. I had SO MUCH going on and at the time I was only doing photo part time and at times it seemed to be more of a hassle than a passion. As I met with Jessica and got to teach her about this wonderful art and business it totally reignited my flame. I hadn't done a shoot for ME in a while, so as I started putting together a styled shoot so I could teach Jessica, it just reminded me what I love about this business. Working with fun, amazing people and giving my clients images that really CAPTURE them. I instantly knew I needed to get two people on board - my two Shannons. If you follow my business at all then you know that I LOVE using Shannon R. as my model, and having Shannon Shields do my clients make up. Shannon Shields has such an easy, relaxed way about her and I love the way she takes care of my clients and makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. I wanted to teach Jessica about the importance of using quality vendors who will treat your clients the same way you would treat them. And Shannon R. was PERFECT for this mentoring session. Shannon is my #1 bud and I've got to shoot her so many times that we work really well together and she is incredible in front of the camera, so I knew I could teach Jessica how to interact and pose a client and that Shan would be so perfect to work with. 

And I of course was right on both accounts :) Shannon S did Shan's make up and she looked dynamite. I did Shannons hair because its a little side hobby of mine and Shan brought all the sas and adorableness she always brings. This girl works at 100% you guys. She's amazing! So we were really able to take the time to teach Jessica how to work with a client and how to have easy, fun poses and actions and how to get your client to SHINE. After our session Jessica and I drove back to my house and then sat in my car in my driveway for what seemed like hours (I'm sure it was like 20 minutes) and just talked. She is awesome and I'm so glad i got to meet her! She has been absolutely killing it with her photography lately!