Chris and Zeque | Logan, Utah Engagement Photography

Guys this is my little baby brother who is barely old enough to be driving a car and dating, much less to be married! Christopher is the youngest in our family, and even though he has grown into a wonderful young man, he will always be the baby of our family! 

When he started dating Zeque over a year ago he really blossomed. He felt lighter and more energized. I love what Zueque has helped open up in our Chris and we are thrilled to have Zeque as a member of the family! He has been kind and served us from day one. He hugs and greets literally every person in the room and I think he's done the dishes at my parents house more times than Christopher has! My one complaint about Zeque is that he is ruthless when we play Sushi Go and I always somehow end up sitting next to him! :) 

We headed over to Green Canyon in North Logan, Utah to do their engagement photos. They were so fun and affectionate with each other and I love the way their photos turned out!