Braeden & Shay Wedding Day | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

The connection for me to shoot Braeden & Shay’s wedding day started forming more than 10 years ago. Are you guys ready for a trip down memory lane with me?

As you may remember from my blog posts about our love story, the summer that my husband and I met, our friend Cam, Chuck, and I were inseparable that summer. We would trade off where we hung out, but Cam’s mom, Amy, was by far the coolest of all the parents. She is honestly the nicest, friendliest person i’ve ever met. Their house was always full of her kids and their friends watching movies or playing video games. Her house was a place where you could just be yourself. Amy is the kind of person who just loves and accepts you for exactly who you are. Anyways, let’s fast forward a little.

Amy works at Logan High School as a special education teacher, and Shay was one of her aides. When Shay started talking about getting married, Amy told her she had to use me as her photographer. Shay looked me up, liked what she saw, and the rest is history! I’ve had the pleasure of shooting engagements, formals, and the wedding day for Shay and Braeden. Each session has been different in subtle ways, but incredibly fun and easy at the same time.

I’m so glad Amy sent Shay and Braeden my way because it’s been a joy working with them. Shay’s bridal style was simple and elegant and it fit her personality so well. You can tell how much she and Braeden adore each other. Braeden does summer sales in Oklahoma, so he was gone for most of the summer, but he flew home for their proposal, engagements, and then got home for good just a few days before their formal session. I’m sure it must have felt like a crazy whirlwind, but in the end their wedding was a beautiful day and they’ll have each other to cherish that day with for the rest of their lives. It felt like even more of a party than most receptions, because Shay and Braeden are moving for his job as soon as they get home from the honeymoon. So the whole wedding day was even more special and about soaking up their friends and family as much as they can while they are still here in Utah.