Braeden & Shay Formals | Wedding Formals | Logan Utah Wedding Photography

I got so much positive feedback about the gorgeous colors at Tony Grove in Braeden & Shay’s engagement shoot that I thought we’d continue the trend of taking advantage of the natural beauty that Cache Valley has to offer. We shot these formals at Green Canyon in North Logan and at the Logan Utah LDS Temple. I feel like I hit the photography-location-jackpot by living near two such distinctly beautiful canyons, not to mention Blacksmith Fork, the Wellsvilles, etc… Tony Grove is known for the lake, the wildflowers, and the different colors in the rocks, while Green Canyon has more of a sagebrush and scenic overlook vibe. Braeden and Shay rocked the photo shoots in both of them.

One detail that really hit home for me was the watch that Braeden wore for this session and the significance behind it. Shay’s grandfather passed away about a month before we did these photos, and he was a very important man in Shay’s life. It was really meaningful to them that Braeden got to wear her grandfather’s watch for this shoot.

It’s interesting the role that everyday objects can play in our lives after a loved one has passed on. I never would have thought that gas station nachos with relish would have any special meaning in my life, but on the 4 month anniversary of my dad’s passing, a bunch of my siblings gathered at a local gas station and had relish nachos for dinner. That was one of my dad’s favorites. The story goes that shortly after he and my mom got married, he broke his leg and got a job at a 7/11 working the night shift so he wouldn’t have to move around too much. One day a customer complained that the nacho cheese was too spicy, and one of his coworkers told the customer to put relish on the side to balance out the heat. And the rest is history. Nachos aren’t quite as elegant or polished as a nice watch being passed on, but I could definitely connect with the sentiment behind it.