The Ware Family | Fall Extended Family Portraits | Northern Utah Family Photographer

I went to high school with Reigan (the momma to the sweet baby girl below). Even though she was a few years younger than me, we were in the same community production of Les Miserables, we got to visit California for a choir trip together, and we even got to go to Disneyland on that trip! My Dad was a chaperone and I love that so many of my friends got to know him on that trip. I still have people tell me funny stories about things he said or how cool they thought he was because he would let them do stuff that the other, more strict chaperones wouldn’t. Anyways, Reigan was always such a huge sweetheart and could always make me laugh, which if you know me, will pretty much endear me to you forever.

When my family moved to Utah from California, two of my younger siblings were in elementary school. Change can be tough on kids, but luckily the elementary school principal was Sundee Ware, the matriarch of this beautiful family below. My siblings loved her and still talk about how warm and caring she was to them. Rigdon, the youngest son, was the same age as one of my little brothers. It was so sweet to see how much Sundee loved getting to spend some time with her kids now that they’re all grown up and married. During the shoot, especially when I was taking photos of her kids with their spouses, she just kept saying, “Now this is heaven.” Plus, have you ever seen a more stylish elementary school principal?

One of my favorite shots from this group is the one with Reigan and her brothers all laughing. Honestly, I could have just gotten like 80 of these shots and it would have been an accurate capture of their interactions. It was so easy to tell that these three siblings are truly best friends and have the best senses of humor. The whole family was just fun loving and seemed so close. I’m so glad I got to spend a little bit of time with the Ware family.