Sarah and Tre Engagement Session | Logan, Utah Wedding Photography

One of the things that impressed me most about Sarah when we met for her consult was the way she talked with so much admiration and respect for her sweet heart. She told me that her and Tre met at a wedding reception (and people say they hate weddings!) and that he got her info from his friend and tracked her down! She lit up when she talked about him and how patient he is with her. We had a lovely conversation about how you should marry someone who makes you better and who you make better in return. I didn’t meet Tre until their engagement session, but it was  quickly evident how much these two respect and love one another and that they do indeed make each other better!

Logan is kind of gross looking right now guys. No way around it, its just not pretty. All we have if half melted show, dead looking trees and mud. So I knew we were gonna need an indoor space for their engagement session. I went location scouting and when I saw the showroom at Freckle Farm in Hyde Park  I knew we had found a winner. And when Sarah and Tre suggested that they wear native jewelry for their second outfit I knew we needed to head up to Green Canyon. Green Canyon is one of my favorite places to shoot because it looks good year round and its such a beautiful area. I loved the jewelry they brought and I loved that it had so much meaning to them! Tres Grandfather made this jewelry guys! How special to be able to have something like that and to incorporate it into your engagement session!