Britt and Spencer Formals | Logan LDS Temple | Utah Wedding Photography

I am in LOVE with this session you guys! Britt and Spencer absolutely killed it! From their first look to the last pose they were nailing every shot. The lighting was perfect. It was decently warm for February. And their wedding attire is absolutely stunning. Britts dress is probably one of my all time favs, and I loved the color of Spencers blue suit. But the most stunning thing to me about this session was how relaxed they were - You see, earlier that day I randomly decided to drive by the temple to check it out before the shoot. This was total inspiration because I have shot at this temple a million times and I never feel the need to go check it out before hand because I live close and see it all the time. But Im so glad I did because I saw that all the gates were closed up except one, so I drove in and asked some workers if the temple was closed, to which they said yes, for the next two weeks! And he said the gates would be locked up at 3:00. Guys our session wasn't scheduled until 4:00. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal to reschedule except Britt had already gotten ready and their videographer was driving up from Salt Lake to video their first look. And let me tell you - Logan does not look pretty right now guys. Its all half melted snow, dead trees and mud. The temple is one of the few places that looks good right now. So I was RACKING my brain trying to think of a spot that would like nice for their first look. Then I talked to Spencer to let him know the temple was closed he was so chill about it. This is a man who knows how to get what he wants. He made a few calls and convinced them to leave the gates open just for us! We had to move the shoot up about 30 minutes but it worked out so nicely and we were all so grateful for Spencer and his connections! Crisis averted. But to be honest I expected them to be stressed about our near crisis, but they just focused on each other and we all had a great time! Photo shoots are always fun, but these two bring their A game. We will be headed to Salt Lake next week to take a few more formal portraits before their wedding March 3rd, so check back for those soon!