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Birth Story Photography has never been my focus, so I don't do it very consistently, but when I am lucky  enough to get to do it, I seriously feel so blessed! Especially on this one, because this is the story of my niece! Brent and Robyn had me come photograph the birth of their son 2 years ago, and I was really hoping they would ask me to come for their daughters birth!

Robyn was scheduled to be induced sometime last tuesday. They called at 5:00 am as instructed, but the nurses told them it was a really busy day so they would have to wait and call later. Well within a half an hour Navy decided she was ready, and labor started. She labored at home for around an hour and a half and by the time they got to the hospital, Robyn was already at a 6! She labored a few short hours, pushed through 4 contractions and Navy was here! Robyn is seriously a rock star you guys! I even thought that if I could have it that easy I might consider having another baby, then I remembered  the sleepless nights of pregnancy and the hardships of having a new born. Babies are so worth it! But, um, no. No more babies for me right now. Plus I get to cuddle with this sweet baby girl, so I'm good for now :) 

  Um, look at how Brent is looking at his daughter! ADORABLE!

 That POUT!

 When big brother Wyatt came to visit, he wasn't so sure about this baby sister thing. It didn't help that he had just woken up from a nap. He wasn't mean to his new sis, he just didn't seem to care much unless we were prodding him to check her out. Im told he has warmed up to the idea a little more now, and I'm sure he will be such a good brother to sweet Navy once he gets used to the change! Brent and Robyn are great parents and they will help him adjust just fine!

Congrats Brent and Robyn!

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