Jordan & Karli Engagements | Green Canyon Engagement session | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Jordan and Karli have been waiting to be married for a while now, and you can see the anticipation in their photos. They met in their young single adult church group, and became friends quickly. Jordan knew there was something special about her - something that made her easy to be around - so he asked her to accompany him to his mission reunion. They both were nervous because they didn’t know whether to call it a date or not, but regardless, sparks flew! They decided to take their friendship to the next level. They began talking about getting married back in October, but Jordan waited patiently for Karli’s mom to move here from Colorado before officially popping the question. Now they are thrilled to finally be getting married!

Together is definitely their favorite place to be, but together, outside, is even better! They love to ski, hike, and be active. They definitely bring out the best in one another, and make the other a better person. There is so much I have been able to learn from my clients, and something I admire about Jordan and Karli is that they are so willing to try to new things that the other likes. There is always a give and take in marriage, and if they can start off so willing to do what the other person likes, that can be a pattern for their marriage.

We shot their engagement photos up Green Canyon, and it was the perfect spot to capture the sweet joy of these two love birds. It had been raining all day, but stopped just before we needed to shoot so we went for it, and as you can see, they made the most of our time. Summer lovin at it’s finest. I am so glad that one of my past client’s mom’s recommended me to Karli’s mom - the best compliment you can receive is a referral!