Austin & Kami Formals | Salt Flat Formal Session | Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

People often talk about “fate” when it comes to finding the one you love. Some people just call it coincidence! You see it in movies all the time - two people randomly run into each other on the street, happen to end up working in the same place, find each other on a crazy trip, etc. Whatever you want to call it, Austin and Kami have quite the story when it comes to how they found each other. Kami was down going to culinary school at UVU, and hadn’t had much luck in the dating department. Somehow her family convinced her to try the app “mutual” for the third time, but this time she gave an ultimatum: If none of the guys she had matched with messaged her within a day, she was going to be done for good. On Austin’s side, he had just returned from a mission and had friends tell him that mutual was a good way to date in Utah County, so he tried it! No one really stood out to him, and then he matched with Kami. Luckily, or coincidentally, he messaged her within Kami’s time frame. Thank heavens for that! Now they are happier than they thought they could ever be. They are good examples to never give up on love.

We did their formals at the Salt Lake Temple, and then drove over to Saltair to finish up. I love shooting with the beautiful tree blossoms, and then switching to the picturesque landscape of the salt flats was beautiful. And even in the midst off these past crazy weeks of weather we have been having, this shoot went perfectly without any issues at all! The sun was glowing off Kami’s dress, but the bigger glow came from the faces of these two, just thrilled to be so close to their forever.