Tyler and Taylor | Snow Canyon Engagement Session

Tyler and Taylor! Where do I even start with these two.

Ty is my baby brother. He brought home a girlfriend last year named Taylor. They work together at Jamba Juice and they seemed to be really good friends which is always a good way to start a relationship. I got to meet her a few times and really liked her, but they ended their romantic relationship before I really got to know her. They stayed friends so I still got to see Taylor occasionally, and then she started watching my kids once a week and let me tell you. MY KIDS LOOOOOVE HER. And I did too because I love how genuine her interactions were with the kids and how she seemed to genuinely love them. I was very sad when she told me she would be going back to school and wouldn’t have time to babysit anymore. We were all going to miss having her around.

Almost every time I saw Tyler he was with Taylor. I asked him one day if they were always together because they still liked each other and he explained that she is his best friend, but nothing more. Well… christmas eve rolls around and Tyler gave us all the best present ever. He told us that he had a couple of really cool experiences confirming to him that “its her”. That Taylor was the one for him and that they had started dating again and that it was getting serious. We all literally squealed and jumped for joy! We love this girl and we are so excited to be welcoming her into the family!

Tyler was talking about proposing to her and I asked if they wanted to come down to St. George for The Focus Collective workshop I was hosting and model for me. We even came up with a fun idea that would end with him proposing to her at our shoot. Well the weather became a concern, and we weren’t exactly sure how the shoot was going to go down. So we met up in Snow Canyon the day before their workshop shoot to make sure we got some good photos for them while the weather was good, which is when most of these were shot.

That night they were talking together on the couch and Ty said it just felt right, so he asked her right then and there to be his wife. She said yes and the next day at their shoot they were in full blown twitter patted mode and riding the high of their fresh engagement. I was busy teaching, so I didn’t shoot a ton of photos that next day, but they were so dang cute!