Kaulin & Emily | Northern Utah Engagement session | Logan, Utah Wedding Photography

Wedding planning is stressful enough, so let’s make your photos one less thing to stress about, yes? I’m here to help you relax, and make your sessions the best part of your wedding experience! Well, besides maybe the actual wedding part. ;) I give all my couples links to resources for posing, outfits, local makeup/hair artists, so all you have to do is come and enjoy loving that future spouse. :) That was a little different for Kaulin & Emily though. Emily had planned for another photographer to take their photos, but that person had a family emergency and had to cancel on them 10 minutes before their shoot was supposed to begin. Emily knows my past bride, Shay, so she has been following me a while and thought she would take a chance to see if I was available to come and take their pictures. Between the time that she messaged me on Instagram, and the time we met up, was about 30 minutes! I was so happy that I could come and help them out. Couldn’t let all those hours of getting ready go to waste!

I love when couples have little memories, or stories that we can tell through a photo. I’ve taken pictures for people at the place that they got engaged, the place they met, a favorite spot they would go to, with certain things that are significant to them, etc. It brings such a sweet and special touch to the shoot. Kaulin loves his truck, so they wanted to incorporate that into their shoot. It was so fun to have and gave us lots of posing options and fun angles to work with. Clearly he loves Emily a bit more though. ;) They are both students up at Utah State University, and Emily is on the swim team there. We shot up black smith fork canyon in Cache Valley, and the glow coming through the mountains just made them look that much more radiant.