Mike & Kaitlyn Proposal | Utah Wedding Photographer

Mike has been friends with my sister since they were in 3rd grade. He is practically family and even lived with my parents for a few months. We got to meet Kaitlyn when he brought her to our house for the Super Bowl and she's a sweetheart! I was so excited when Mike sent me a message asking about my wedding packages! I offered to photograph the proposal, because its a service I love to provide for free to anyone who plans on using me as their wedding photographer! It was so fun to get to help plan and set up this surprise for Katilyn! 

Mike knew she wanted to be proposed to at sunset, so we found the perfect sunset view a few days before. I set up the spot, complete with a bouquet from my favorite florist, Conner Nesbit of Leuca Floral, blankets and pillows lining the back of my dads truck for them to watch the sunset after he popped the question, and of course their favorite sodas. 


Mike and Kaitlyn went over for their weekly viewing of Greys Anatomy with my sister while I was setting everything up. Then my mom came out and told a story about how she needed them to go pick up my dads truck that got left at a construction site. They drove up and got out of the car to walk over to the truck. Thats when Kaitlyn saw all whole set up and realized what was going on! Mike got down on his knee, asked an important question, and she said yes! 

Congrats you two!