Brad & Heather | Antelope Island Formals | Utah Wedding Photographer

These two are so much fun to be around! They picked me up at my house in Logan and we drove out to Syracuse so Heather could change into her dress at her brothers house. Brad and I hopped back in the car to drive out to Antelope Island so we could let Brad see Heather in her dress for the first time out on the island and Heathers brother would drop her off. As Brad and I drove out to Antelope Island, he told me more about how he met Heather and how he would organize group activities so that he would have an excuse to be around Heather. He also told me that he let Heather shave his beard a few weeks ago because she had never seen his bare face. Now thats true love! 

I don't know how I get so lucky to have such amazing and welcoming clients. By the end of the shoot, these two felt like old friends and when we went out to eat afterwards, it was comfortable and fun and I cannot wait for their big day in a few more weeks!