How I traveled in Europe for 10 days for under $1400


I just got back from a 10 day trip exploring Europe. We visited Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Malmo and I spent just under $1400. For reals. 10 days in Europe for under $1400 and Ill tell you exactly how I did it.

I always thought traveling was crazy expensive and I would never really be able to visit Europe, even though it had been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Last year I decided that it was time that I learned how to turn dreams into reality, and Europe was on the top of my list of figure-it-out-and-make-it-happen.

1. I started following several cheap flight alert services and was flexible with my travel plans. This is probably the place that I saved the most money! I get emails almost daily about cheap flights around the world. I use Pomelo Travel as well as Scotts Cheap flights. I also follow an account on instagram called flights from home slc. They have several accounts and you can follow the account of the airport closest to you. My friends and I discussed several places we were interested in visiting and when Copenhagen poped up with a sale, we jumped on it! Our flight was out of LAX, so I had to buy a ticket from Salt Lake to LA, but it was still totally worth it because most flights to big cities only go on sale from other big cities, like LA. Salt Lake definetly has some good sales, but the best deals ive seen leaving from the west coast leave out of LAX.

Flight from Salt Lake to LAX - $159

Flight from LAX to Copenhagen - $425

You would think that it would be best to travel by train from country to country in Europe, but flights between European countries are also a lot cheaper than flying stateside. I was shocked when I saw how low air fare was for these countries! Plus, the security and border control over there seems a lot more efficient than here in America, so we didnt have to spend a lot of wasted time waiting around in airports.

Flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam $37

Flight from Amsterdan to Berlin $55

Flight From Berlin to Copenhagen $88

Total for all flights $764


2. Travel with friends you can split the cost of things with! There were three of us on this trip and we all contributed equally to the cost of our lodging and any taxis we had to take.

3. We opted to stay in an Air bnb instead of a hotel. All of our Air bnb stays for the whole trip cost $680 total, split between the 3 of us it was only $226 each. For 9 nights. Thats cheaper than the cost of a single night at a lot of hotels. Dont expect the same amenities you get at a hotel, but I always felt safe and clean in our air bnbs and dont have any complaints. Make sure you read reviews, check out the location and make sure they have amenities you want, like wifi.


4. Before we left, we sat down and made a list of the things to do in each city and prioritized where we wanted to spend our money and our time. We spent the majority of our money in Amsterdam. We spent money on a canal tour, visiting the Anne Frank House and visiting the Reijks museum. These were some of the things we were most excited for and this is where we decided to prioritize our sight seeing budget, which then meant that we wouldnt spend as much in other cities. We didnt spend any money on any tourist attractions in Malmo and instead just walked around the city and enjoyed the atmosphere.

5. Use Public Transportation whenever possible. Most large cities have whats called a fare free zone, where if you are only traveling in certain areas, you dont have to pay. All of the cities we were in had excellent public transportation options. I would do a little research before you travel thought because there were several times that we found ourselves without good cell service to look up the details of how the buses or metro worked in a new city, and ended up in a time crunch so we paid for taxis. Once we would get back to our air bnb with wifi, we would do a little research and be good to go the next day.

The total that I spent on the entire rest of the trip for museum and exhibit entrance, food, buses, trains, souvenirs was just under $400


6. We brought some non perishable food from home and only ate out 1-2 times each day. We brought things like granola bars, shake mixes, nuts, and jerky. Usually we would just eat those things for breakfast and then eat out for lunch and dinner.