Lucherini Extended Family | Logan Utah Family Portrait Session

Once upon a time, my sister Brittny went to one of her best friends from high school’s mission homecoming. Jeremy and Brittny rekindled their friendship, which then grew into a flame, and less than a year later they were married. Jeremy and my husband work together, we each have a 5 year old son who are best friends with each other, and it was great to spend some time with people I already know and love.

This shoot was of Jeremy’s extended family, the Lucherini’s. They were a fun bunch to work with and they had me laughing with their reactions as they were checking their phones every so often. The Lucherini’s are hardcore Utah State Aggie fans, and there was a football game on during our shoot. It was an important one, too, from what I hear. Any time someone wasn’t in front of the camera, they were streaming the game. What a great family tradition :) In fact, a few weeks ago Jeremy was watching a Utah Jazz basketball game, and they were trying to get their youngest, Lincoln, to say “Go Jazz!”, but he kept only saying, “Go Aggies!” They’re doing a great job of teaching ‘em young.

Stephen and Kaye along with their kids Chris, Jeremy, and Alex all have such similar senses of humor. They all know exactly how to make each other laugh. Chris no longer lives in Cache Valley so everyone is extra excited to see he and his family when they make a trip back up to Logan. Alex’s husband Tom is in the process of interviewing for grad school, so they may be leaving the valley here soon as well. They picked a fantastic time to do family photos, and I think they made for an enjoyable, light-hearted session with images I hope they’ll cherish for years to come.

Also, shoutout to Alex for all the amazing work she and her employer, The Family Place, do for the Cache Valley area by offering so many support services and striving toward their mission of building stronger families. If anyone is looking for a great organization worthy of a tax-deductible donation at this wonderful time of giving, I’d highly recommend The Family Place.