Blake & Emma Engagments | Providence Waterfalls | Utah Wedding Photographer

Blake and Emma met working at a day care center. Emma asserted herself and asked Blake out after feelings a connecting, but despite being inter step in her, Blake didn't want to date a coworker, so he turned her down. Then as soon as he gave his 2 weeks notice, Blake asked Emma out. She was still feeling the sting of him turning her down, so she ALMOST turned him down, but followed her heart instead and accepted a date. They are such a good match, and since their relationship was based off of their already established friendship, things between them were just easy. 


For their engagement photos  we borrowed Emma's uncles truck to get up the rough roads of providence canyon, and boy was it worth it! Look at all these beautiful views! And those WATERFALLS! This is my favorite location and I was thrilled that they wanted to go up adventuring with me!