Brent & Robyn Family | Beach Family Portraits | Virginia Family Photographer

I always double check my galleries right before I send them off, and as I checked this session, a few tears escaped. This is my brothers family, but thats not why I got emotional. Brent and Robyn are such good people with such love for each other and their darling children. Brent works so hard and they sacrifice so much during the summers so he can build a beautiful life for his people, and it was such an honor to fly out to Virginia to photograph them. This was such a good day and I love how much love and emotion we were able to capture. Looking over the images, I could just feel their happiness and love at being a family, I could feel that all of their sacrifices they make are these darling children and each other, and thats what brought those tears. It is such a blessing for me to be able to give people the gift of family portraits. Its everything you hold dear, right there in a photograph. I ALWAYS feel honored when I get to do family portraits for people. They are so important because family is so important. But there was something so special about that day and I love that I was able to play a small role in giving Brent and Robyn those memories. 

Robyn is also a very talented writer with a very important message to share. You can check out her blog at