Britt and Spencer | Logan Utah Winter Engagement Photography

Brittany and Spencer are a match made in heaven! They both gushed about the other while telling me how Spencer makes Britt more spontaneous and adventurous while Britt helps to ground Spencer and reminds him not to take things too seriously. They are the epitome of a couple who compliments each other and makes each other better. They met on a “blind date” about a year ago and have been together ever since. Spencer told me that he realized this girl was something special when they were playing catch and he gingerly tossed the ball to Britt to make sure she could catch it, and she caught it with no problem and snapped it back at him in her true athletic fashion. Britt has been a friend for a long time, as she played sports with my younger sister all growing up and I’ve attended many of her sporting events, so this story had me laughing out loud!  Technically she is my younger sisters friend, but I consider her a friend all the same :) I did senior photos for her and her siblings, and I shot her sisters wedding in 2015, so I was ECSTATIC when she contacted me about doing her wedding photos! I told my sister Missy that i would be doing their photos, and she told me that she thought they were such a good match and that she was so happy they are getting married! She told me how impressed she was when Spencer surprised Britt on her birthday by renting out the Jump Zone here in Logan for her birthday party! Britt later told me about that same surprise party and how it made her feel so loved and so special. 

These two are adventurous and true outdoorsmen so of course we ventured up logan canyon for the engagement session. We rode their razor to get to the most beautiful spots! The only thing that could have made this session better was if it was a few degrees warmer. My camera kept freezing it was so cold! But they were troopers and kept each other warm and their photos turned out amazing!