Davis Family | Utah Family Portriats

 I was able to do the Davis family portraits earlier this fall. I'm only just now getting around to posting these adorable photos, because my computer died unexpectedly and my tracking system for blogging went with it. But we are back in the flow of things, so expect to see quite a few post in the coming days and weeks.

 Cam and Camille have been good friends for a long time. I first met Cam when we were in high school and we have been good friends ever since. He moved away to Idaho and we lost touch, but when he moved back we reconnected. Him, my husband Chuck, and I were  inseparable the summer after I graduated high school. I still remember sitting in one of our college classes as Utah State University and telling Cam that Chuck and I had kissed and knowing it would change the dynamic of our friendship. It did change things, but our friendship is still going strong, and it only got better when Cam introduced us to Camille a few years later.  I was able to shoot their wedding  and it has been so fun to watch their family grow. They have two boys, just like us, so getting together with them is always fun.

We ventured to the Denzil Stewart nature park here in Logan for their family shoot. Their oldest son was so fun to try and pose. We got a few good posed shots, and then the rest of the time we just let him do his thing while we  captured it. We got some really adorable shots and I love the way their photos turned out!