Shelby & A Wellness event for photographers

1QI believe in a few basic principals that have helped me find success in life and in photography.

1. That I am wanted and needed in my industry, exactly as I am. That I dont need to 'fit in' but that I inherently belong. Finding my tribe and creating a community has bolstered my professional and personal life more than I could have possibly imagined.

2. My fears and anxieties are valid, but that doesn't mean they get to stop me from going after what I really want for my business or my life.

Ive been able to gather these tools and beliefs over many long bumpy years of being a photographer, and while im so happy with where the journey has taken me, I sure wish someone could have taught me these things years ago so I could have skipped over some of the longer, harder parts of my photography journey. Lucky for you, dear photographer friends, you've got Shelby and I. 

Kristi Alyse Photography and Shelby Schmidt will be hosting a wellness and mindfulness event for photographers June 12th. Spots will be limited so sign up with Kristi or Shelby ASAP. The best part - the event is totally free to you! You just have to sign up, and show up with an open mind and participate in our discussion on how mindfulness can be a tool in your tool box to bolster self confidence, create connection and create the best version of YOU. 

I am a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience and Shelby is a therapist with a masters in social work, a mental health advocate and all around babe. 

I met Shelby when another one of my photographer friends invited me to come to her shoot. She had asked Shelby and her then boyfriend, now fiance, Jontrell to model for her to try out some new techniques. I was only able to come to the last 5 minutes of the shoot, but meeting Shelby and Jontrell, even for those 5 minutes, was such a genuine pleasure. Shelby is a literal ray of sunshine and she has so much passion for social work and wellness and it shows through. I started following her on instagram and we always talked about how we needed to set up a shoot together, but could never quite make it happen with out busy schedules. Well Jontrell is an NFL hopeful and Shelby posted about some new NFL mental health mandates and it made me so happy because I think everyone, every professional, every field should be more proactive about mental health and wellness. I have had this idea brewing in my head for a while about hosting a gathering for photographers just for the sake of community, but then when I saw Shelbys post, I had the idea to incorporate wellness into the gather and asked Shelby if she would like to host it with me. She said yes, we got together to discuss (I may have cried at the meeting because Shelby is the kindest soul) and here we are We did what was supposed to be a quick 10 minute photo shoot, but it ended up being more like 30 because my kids wanted to “help”. Shelby was so sweet and patient with my kiddos.


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