Missy & Bre | Antelope Island Engagement Session | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

This couple is one that is a little more near and dear to my heart than some, mostly because this is my little sister Missy, and her fiance Bre. Being able to be your own siblings wedding photographer is really fun, but also difficult because you can’t just be in the background like other photographers! You are all up in and involved with the plans, you know the whole story, you see all the sides of them, and so the photos take on more of a meaning with all that background information. That is usually why I love to have my clients fill out a questionnaire for me. It helps me get a glimpse into your story and helps me feel like I understand and can become a part of it.

So, knowing everything I do about Missy and Bre and all they have been through together, it makes me really excited to see them get to be together. They originally met years ago when they were both working at a group home facility in Ceder City, Utah. After moving away, they stayed best friends — supporting each other through the thick and thin, good times and bad. There were many difficult times for them while trying to navigate their feelings for each other, but in the end they finally decided that they wanted to be more than friends. So, after years of friendship, they found love with one another. There have been points of discouragement for them when they weren’t sure if they would ever get to be together, but now they are engaged to be married in September. We are all so excited to have Bre join the family.

We shot their engagement photos at Antelope Island. It was beautiful there, as always, with the romantic glow coming off the water. Lakeside and Beachside are some of my favorite places to shoot! Their many years of strong friendship has made them a very loving and supportive couple, which I think shines through the photos. Also, aside from photographer, I got to play make-up artist for both of them! It was especially fun because it let me play two roles in their wedding story. :) If you are a bride looking for someone who can play two roles for you, keep me in mind.