Heres how this is gonna go down...

Im big on clear expectations. Dont get me wrong, im flexible, but I just like my clients to know what I can do for them, and I like to know what is expected of me so I can meet and go above and beyond those expectations. So here is a run down of what its like once you’ve decided you would like to work with me!


How do we get started and get on your calendar?

Once someone sends me an inquiry and we determine we are a good match, I like to set up a consult, either in person or over FaceTime, so we can go over get to know each other, answer any questions, go over the contract, ect. I send my clients a document that contains all the pertinent info regarding what package they are purchasing, details of the wedding day, ect. Usually by the end of the consult, people are ready to book. Here is what I require to officially book and put you on my calendar!

  1. A consult. Boom, done!

  2. A signed contract that I will send over using

  3. A non-refundable $150 retainer to hold the wedding date

When should we schedule our engagements and formals?

I like to get your engagement and formal sessions on the books as soon as we can so that we have as much flexibility in scheduling as possible! Whenever you know your schedule, get in touch with me and lets get you on my calendar. Because most of my fridays and saturdays are booked with weddings, most engagement and formal sessions will be scheduled on weeknights. I recommend doing engagement sessions NO LATER than 3 weeks before you want to send your invitations out, and formals NO LATER than 2 weeks before the wedding. Obviously its better to do it sooner than later and push yourself right up to those deadlines.

When can we expect to be making and solidifying plans for our shoots? and how much contact will we have with you outside of our shoots?

I sit down every monday and solidify plans for my shoots for the upcoming 1-2 weeks. If you are already on my calendar, ill make sure to set a time and location with you no later than 5 days before your shoot! On occasion, more likely in the winter months, I might want to wait until just a day or two before your shoot to pick a definitive location because its hard to know what things will look - will there be fresh snow, will it be muddy, etc. But even if we are gonna wait to pick an exact location, ill be in contact with you.

I like to schedule our shoot starting time about 90-120 minutes before sun set. This gives us the nicest light of the whole day. We might vary a little from this rule of thumb if we will be shooting in a canyon or up in the mountains. But plan on most shoots happening in the late afternoon, evening time.

I know planning a wedding can be stressful, so I won’t be constantly pestering you, but I love getting to know my clients and I want you to feel like you have access to me. So you are welcome to shoot me a message, ask me questions, ask for suggestions, show me your dress, send me memes, tag me in funny instagram posts, anytime you want! I like to keep our communications all in one place though, so that we have a quick and easy reference and dont have to look through texts, emails, instagram messages, ect to try and find the info we sent each other. Have you ever heard of the app Marco Polo? If you are on there, add me! I love Marco Polo because it allows us to send video messages that can be watched and rewatched at our convenience and it feels more personal since we get to see each others beautiful faces. I do my best to respond to any form of communication within 24 hours, and just like any other business, I do have business hours, so dont expect a quick response if you’re reaching out after 5 or before 9:30 or on weekends (im usually shooting during nights and weekends, plus i need some good old fashioned family time).

Please always feel free to let me know what you think of your photos! Infact, PLEASE do! I put a lot of heart into my work and its very rewarding to hear that you love your photos. And if you aren’t 100% pleased, I always want to know what i can do to make your experience and your photos the best possible.

What do I need to do to be prepared for our shoots?

I will send you a link to a hidden page on my website that has all sorts of bonus info for you guys that will definitely help you feel prepared for your shoot! The bonus materials include -

  1. A clothing guide to help you decide what to wear (and what not to wear) for your engagement session!

  2. A posing crash course to give you an idea of how I will run the shoot, the poses and actions ill have you do, and lots of tips on things like how to kiss for a photograph, what to do with your hands, ect.

  3. A guide for basic shoot preparation - things like taking hair ties off your wrists, no gum, ect.

  4. A questioniate that I want both of you to fill out BEFORE your first shoot! Questions like how you met, what you admire most about each other, but also things that help me prep for shooting with you - questions like - what is your comfort level in front of the camera? How affectionate do you want to be in the photos?

  5. A wedding vendor suggestion guide - essentially a list of all the vendors you might need to plan your wedding! I only recommend vendors who I have worked with before and know they do a great job/ will treat you right, or industry pros who have a stellar reputation in the industry.

How will we communicate to you the plan for the wedding day?

At your consult, ill send you a document that will contain of the the info for the wedding day -when, where, what times, ect. We will fill this out at your consult, and even if you dont have all of those details solidified yet, no biggie, because Ill send out an email to confirm or get any details of the day like date, location and time of the wedding day events, 1-2 weeks before the wedding and ill be sure to remind you of your remaining balance then.

When are payments due?

-A $150 non-refundable payment is do at the time of booking to hold your date

-The cost of the engagement session + any applicable travel fees are due at the time of the engagement session

-The cost of the formal session + any applicable travel fees are due at the time of the formal session

-The remaining balance of all package costs, tax, travel fees, ect is due 1 week before the wedding.

How do you know what shots we want on the wedding day?

Hopefully you are hiring me because you trust me - most of my clients do trust me and therefore dont feel the need to give me a shot list. Ive been photographing weddings for almost 10 years and I have all the must have shots memorized. Once I get all the must haves, I move into more of a creative form of shooting.

The only time I like to rely on a list is for your group and family photos, and even then, Ill provide a list to you and then you can customize it from there.

Im happy to have you tell me a few specific shots that are important to you, and ill be sure to ask what kind of shots are a priority for you - are you all about the details and decor? do you want lots of photos of you to remember what you were doing? Do you want more photos of your guests so you can see what was going on when you weren’t around? - but dont stress about the rest. Thats why you are hiring a professional photographer - ill take on the stress of making sure we get all of the shots so that you have one less thing to plan.

Most importantly - I got you, boo.