Mini Head Shot Sessions - Fall Edition

In the spring I posted to my instagram that I would be giving away a 10 minute headshot session for creatives and entrepreneurs. Why? Because I can, beacuase I love meeting new people, and because I love serving people. There have definetly been times in my life where having professional headshots would have been a blessing, but I didnt have the resources to make it happen. I had such a huge response in the spring that I decided to do it again with all these beautiful fall colors. I limited it to 3 spots this time to help contain the craziness. I had three girls lined up, and the first gal had sick kiddos the day of the shoot and was unable to make it, but the other two sessions were a freaking party!

Jessica is a photographer herself and told me she wasnt very comfortable in front of the camera, which I always love - challenge accepted! Her session was fun and joyful and I love how they turned out!

Alyshas phone took her to the completely wrong canyon, and by the time we got it all figured out, it was pretty dark, so I said - im hungry, meet me at McDonalds and we will just pull out the flashes and PLAY. Im SO glad we did these shots in the dark cause it was really really fun and totally matched her personality to get to play with the light and create some dramatic and funky portraits for her. Plus we snapped a few while she was eating my fries and those are my fav!