Tausha & Jordan | Albion Basin Wedding Formals | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

Jordan and Tausha knew they wanted Mountains and wildflowers for their formal session, so Albion Badin seemed like the perfect location for them! The more I researched what other photographers had to say about their experience with Albion this year, it started to seem less and less perfect. Albion is wildly popular and not only is parking a nightmare, but shooting there is particularly hard because there are just so many people competing for the best spots! So Tausha and Jordan went to check it out one day and found the perfect spot, complete with wildflowers, just a bit lower from Albion Basin with much easier access and far fewer people! It was perfect! 


I got to ride up with Tausha and her mom, who are some of the sweetest people alive, and when we were done shooting, I drove back down with Jordan’s mom Lesa, who is also an incredible lady! I love when I get to meet my couples mommas before the wedding day! 



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