Hyrum & Tiffany | Logan Canyon Engagement | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

I was lucky enough to meet Tiffany and Hyrum when Tiffs sister Natalie recommended me to them! I used to work with Natalie and have done photos for her own darling little family before! Tiffany reminds me so much of Natalie, I love it! 

These two "officially" met on the first day of instate choir when Tiffany decided she needed to be social and talk to as many people as she could! She walked right up to Hyrum to introduce herself and he said " I know you!" She didn't connect the dots at first, but then he reminded her that he had dated a girl from her mission. He didn't mention this at the time, but he also had recognized her as 'the institute girl' because, months before, he would see her all the time in the institute building on campus where he would go to study and he always thought she was beautiful. I love that! 

When went up Logan Canyon for their engagement session and it was the most beautiful, glowy day! We finished up at the spot where Hyrum proposed! I always love adding sweet, personal details to sessions!