Meet Kristi

Hi Ya’ll! Thanks to my website analytics, I can see that there are lots of new faces hanging out around the blog lately, so I wanted to say hi and welcome!


Im Kristi Alyse Price, but you can just call me Kristi. I moved to Utah from California when I was 11 years old and ive lived here ever since. My husband is a born-and-raised Utahn, so he says I can’t really claim Utah as my home state since I wasn’t born here, but I do it anyways. I come from a big family - Im the middle of 7 children, so being around lots of loud people who aren’t listening just feels right. Maybe that’s why I love wedding days so much?

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer. As a kid I wanted to play in the WNBA. Basketball was a way I connected with my dad and I loved having that in common with him. I got my love of the outdoors from my dad too. He felt most at home in the mountains, and ever since he passed away, I can always feel him close by when I go visit gods green earth.

In high school I thought i wanted to be a special education teacher. I was a peer tutor to kids with disabilities almost every semester i was in high school. I loved those kids and I loved serving them. I started working at the high school in the same special education classroom as an aide after I graduated, and I also worked in a group home for people with disabilities. I started realizing that while I LOVED serving these people, it wasn’t what I wanted out of a career.

I started studying the list of majors my school offered and I found about a dozen topics that I knew I would love learning about, but wouldn’t make for a good career for me. When I started looking into photography, I actually thought it wasn’t really a viable career move. But I took a leap of faith and studied Digital Photography in a home based program with the New York Institute of Photography.


I spent a lot of years not believing I could make a living as a photographer, so I worked as a medical assistant and manager at a doctors office to pay the bills while doing photography part time as a creative outlet. I learned so many skills as a trainer, supervisor and manager that helps me run my business now, so I can’t really call those wasted years, but I wish I would have taken the leap of faith to just believe in myself a whole lot sooner. When I quit my job and started pursing photography full time, my business took off. I became a much better photographer, business owner, and most importantly, a happier and more fulfilled person. I love my job. I love getting to meet so many new people and getting to spend their most important days with them. I love getting to be creative and create images that my clients cherish and will one day show to their own children. I using my organizational skills and years of experience to help wedding days run smoothly.

I chose to focus mainly on Weddings and Families because I love love and getting to serve people on their happiest days, and I also believe that family is the most important thing we have. I cherish my wedding and family photos, so when it came time to specialize and focus my efforts, it was actually a pretty easy decision. Photographing these things bring me so much fulfillment. Ive tried out a lot of different styles over the years, and feel like I have arrived at my own unique style of photography. I love the refined look of high end, fine art photography, but I dislike that it often feels void of emotion. And the adventurous style of photography that is so popular right now sometimes lack the structure that I feel a photo needs. But both styles really speak to me and I feel like I can do both styles really well. So what’s a girl to do, other than just create her own little category! I try to make my work feel like a joyful spin on fine art. Clients who are happy and affectionate are the ones I really seem to click the most with, but I love that I get to work with all sorts of people!

Thanks for stopping by and paying attention to what I have to say here on this blog. I hope you enjoy following along! Don’t be shy, be sure to say hi!


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