Europe Trip - Day 6 - Berlin

Our air bnb has a large window and a beautiful view, so we spend some time hanging in our room for a little bit before heading out to experience Berlin. The days first stop was brunch at another cute cafe. The best food i’ve had on this trip has all been from cafes and i’m convinced that’s the only place I want to eat for the rest of this trip. We visited the Berlin Cathedral which was stunning! We spent a long time just admiring all of the architecture and decor, then climbed A LOT of stairs to the top of the dome. It was quite the work out, but the views were incredible!

Then we went and saw the holocaust museum. It was another sobering and heavy experience, but i’m so glad we got to go. Afterwards we were pretty beat so we went and grabbed dinner and then called it a night.

Kristi PriceComment