Summer Wedding Tips | Utah Wedding Photographer

The Wedding day can get real crazy real fast and the heat of summer weddings really can throw you for a loop! Here are a few wedding day tips specific to all you summer brides and groom!

Bring water  - make sure that you have water accessible to you through out every part of your day, even if that means bringing water with you, and assign someone to remind you to drink every so often! That may seem silly, but I've had brides and grooms get so caught up in everything else going on throughout the day that they get dehydrated and start feeling unwell. Staying well hydrated during these hot summer days is so important to your well being, and the wedding day is no exception!

Sunscreen - I have seen many brides and grooms looking like lobsters at the end of the day because they didn't think to put sunscreen on before they headed out for their mid day temple exit or ceremony! Peak sunscreen hours are aprox 11:00 - 4:00 so if any part of your summer wedding has you outdoors for more than 20 minutes, I absolutely recommend putting on an spf 30 or higher! Bonus points if its water resistant so you won't sweat it off! 

Plan your day to avoid mid day sun - There are so many reasons for this one! Not only to avoid the heat and potential for sunburns and sweating your makeup off, but to avoid awful shadows on your face giving you raccoon eyes, or even worse, squinty eyes in all your photos! I had a groom once who literally could not keep his eyes open for pictures because it was so bright during their mid day temple exit photos! He wasn't able to keep his eyes open for a single exit photo! Any photographer will tell you that its best to avoid the harsh mid day sun for photos! The lighting is so harsh and doesnt make for pretty photos! Now, if your wedding day has to involve photos around mid day, thats ok! I will still deliver beautiful photos, but believe me when I say you will have shadows, harsh light and squinty/closed eyes! Not ideal!

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