Family photo tips |Logan, UT Family Photographer

Ive been working on this post for a while now, trying to gather info from people regarding the reasons they choose NOT to do family portraits. As a Logan, Utah family photographer I would love to see EVERYONE have family photos done! I kind of love them, so its a foreign concept to me that someone wouldn't want awesome photos of themselves with their family! But I learned quite a few things and now I'm ready to help ease your mind and convince you that you NEED photos that capture your relationships. 

-People felt like family portraits are too expensive. I charge $200 for a session, and for most people, its totally doable to save for a couple of months and have enough! And for those who still can't quite do $200 (I've been there!) I offer mini sessions at a discounted rate! Email me if you are interested in the details! 

-People don't want to deal with the hassle of planning portraits. Well the good news is that I love to make the photo process simple for people! Ill ask you a few basic questions so I can help out with the planning process. I also have some awesome tips for you, which brings me to the next point...

-There is one or two people in particular (*cough* husbands) who don't want to have their picture taken. I recommend taking the time to really explain to them WHY you want family photos. Odds are they will be willing to cooperate if they know its important to you. And if they still have an aversion to the idea, maybe lets just plan a mini session so we can make it quick and painless!

-People don't feel prepared for photos! Here are my go to tips for families photos!


  • Do your best to make sure kids are well rested and lets be sure to pick a time that doesn't interfere with naps or bedtime!
  • bring a small CLEAN treat for the kids like smarties or gold fish. This way you can keep them incentivized to behave without getting them messy and you can just give them one at a time so they can eat it quick and we can get back to photos!
  • Tell your kids (and husband, haha) that its important to you. Explain WHY you want these photos and WHY you want them to smile. For me, it was because i wanted to capture the joy I felt about being wife and momma to my people. When I explained that, I got some awesome smiles and the whole shoot just screams JOY. 
  • Don't get too stressed about it! Kids will mimic your mood, so if you are stressing, they will sense that and they WILL misbehave even more. Plan to come to the shoot and just go with the flow. We will let the kids run the show and with your good attitude and my efficiency we can totally get those nice posed shots as well as lots of fun chasing-the-kids-around shots! Those usually turn out to be favorites because its a realistic portrayal of what its like to have kids!
  • Tell your photographer what your most important shots are. Personally, I try to get those shots done right away while we still have somewhat cooperative kiddos, and then we move on to just capturing you guys as you are
  • A little bribery never hurt anyone! I promised my son a new $5 train if he would smile for our photos, and all i had to do was mention the train and we got ear to ear grins from him! 
  • If you know your kids will have a hard time staying focused, then maybe a mini session is for you! Lets get all your important shots pain free and then be done!
  • Make sure the adults and older kids know to STAY LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! There are so many shots where I FINALLY get those cute babies to look my way, but mom or dad or sibling is making a funny face or turned away as they attempted to get the babies attention. 

I hope these tips help you feel prepared and ready to do family photos! They can be really fun and will last a lifetime and be such a good reminder of what's really important!